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ASC LOGS provides a cloud-based suite of customizable digitized logs for documenting organizational regulatory compliance. Our user-friendly, adaptable log creation platform helps with all aspects of ASC compliance - medication management, contract management, supplies management, policies/procedures management, device management and Life safety/facility Logs. Simple to use, affordable and smart with in-built Alerts & Reminders!

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ASC LOGS improves process efficiency saving time and promoting rapid upward scaling by simplifying daily cumbersome activities at surgery centers. These include documentation of safety drills, contract life cycle management, any documentation related to policy, lifesafety and facility management with reference to regulatory compliance.

ASC LOGS digitizes Accreditation paperwork

ASC LOGS allows tasks be easily assigned, completed, filed and retrieved on one simple platform. ASC operations become efficient and smoother. Data organization is efficient, useful and compliant.

ASC LOGS is a HIPAA compliant, innovative software solution for the ASC space empowering administrators with the ability of ensuring continual "eternal compliance vigilance." With a finger on the organizations readiness pulse, ergonomic resource allocation can address deficient sectors comprehensively.

Meet your accreditation compliance obligations confidently

Automate data collection and help your staff with an easy-to-use mobile solution that covers the range of mandates including life safety logs, narcotic medication management and more. Built in alerts fosters accountability and team collaboration.

Reduce the paperwork burden for your staff, speeds up daily routine inspections and seamlessly keep central database accurate and up-to-date.

We believe that giving ASC management more options and more control is the key to success.

ASC LOGS is a completely customizable platform that works any device (tablets, laptops using Android, IOS, Windows etc).

Compliance Logs

Digitize your paper logs for compliance ready.

Pharmacy Logs

Maintain Control substance par level, dispensing and AM/PM counts.

Policies & Procedures Repository

Manage your policies and procures documents in one place for easy access.


Print or export data as daily, monthly or individually.


Always know the status 

Easily manage and see the status of all critical tasks including Safety, Quality and Environment of care.

Replace Paper Logs and old Spreadsheets

Enable all personnel to remain in close communication via a central repository and drive organization-wide documentation standards.

Increase Efficiencies, Safety, & Performance

Improve collaboration and accountability with easy to use web-based software that connects all your staff.

Preloaded with Accreditation-ready Templates

ASC LOGS comes with preloaded templates, easily adaptable to meet your center’s standards.

Inbuilt System Alerts (for upcoming assignments, missed/incomplete logs)  

Send reminders to users’ emails or text messages to their phones for incomplete or missed logs/tasks, device inspection due dates, medication expiration and contract expirations.

Effectively Record “Action Required” Items (attach Images and Notes)

Users can document non-functional or defective items during the inspections with ease and escalate the task.

Easy Tracking of Tasks

Centralized tracking of open and closed tasks by all users. Administrators can check center level task dashboard to check all pending tasks for more efficient center operations.

ASC LOGS is Enterprise-ready for Multi-Center Companies

Corporate level oversight for multi center organizations. Enterprise reporting with ability to organize data by facility.

Great features of our Pharmacy Log

Pharmacy Log
  • Medication Check out log for Anesthesia
  • Medication Dispense Log
  • Alerts
  • Alerts and reports on expiring medications including its location.
  • Triggers for reordering to maintain par levels
  • Facilitates inventory control
  • DEA compliant
  • Tamper proof module for Narcotics with dual signatures
  • DEA Compliant reporting on controlled substance utilization
  • Wastage / Correction management
  • Reports
  • Shift Count or AM/PM count
  • Transaction History/ medication
  • Policy Management

    Manage your policies and procures documents in one place for easy access.

    Policy Management
    • Centralized Repository for Policy and procedure documents
    • Electronically assign and track policies/procedures documents to staff to read and acknowledge.
    • Maintain versions for policy documents.
    • Improve accountability - track & remind employees who have not read the assigned policies
    • Accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device

    Contract Management

    Meet compliance requirements for contracts with centralized repository of contracts with reminders on expiry /renewal.

    Contract Management
  • Centralized repository for Contract documents
  • Meets compliance requirements on contracts log book
  • Collaborate with work flow on contracts
  • Reminders on expiry or renewal of contracts with its value
  • Attach/view contract documents, addendum or any additional files in one place
  • Business intelligent reporting and dashboards
  • Device Management

    Maintain all details including IFU, manuals and expiry dates of devices in your surgery center in one place

  • Repository for device management
  • View and collaborate on IFU for various devices
  • Assign IFUs for review by your SPD technicians
  • Setup reminders and alerts on users who failed to read the assigned IFU's
  • Integrated with OneSource to streamline IFU management
  • Reminders and alerts on expiring inspection dates
  • Supplies List Management

    Maintain the inventory of all supplies in surgery center along with SDS sheet

  • Inventory management for supplies list including sterile supplies
  • Reminders on expiring supplies and reorder level
  • Option to attach & view SDS files to inventory list
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device
  • Track supplies by category, location or class
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